Voyage of the Southern Sun

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Date: Mon, Jan 29, 2018 7:00PM

Where: Cineplex Park Lane
Park Lane Mall, Halifax, NS, B3J 3R4, Canada

You are invited to a special one night only screening of VOYAGE OF THE SOUTHERN SUN in Halifax on January 29. Classification: tbc


  • Adult: $14.50
  • Additional booking fee of $1.50 per ticket.
  • (Includes all applicable taxes)
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We are sorry - this event did not meet threshold and has been cancelled.


Voyage of the Southern Sun

Year: 2017

Genre: Documentary - Biography

Classification: Check the classification

Director: Rob Murphy

Adventurer of the Year, Michael Smith discovered the delights and perils of true adventure in a solo circumnavigation in his tiny amphibious flying boat, Southern Sun, that retraced historical Qantas, Imperial and Pan Am airmail routes, in search of the glory days of 1930’s aviation. At a leisurely 80 knots, taking his time flying from cities to forests; deserts and rivers; over mountains and volcanoes; coral reefs, vast stretches of oceans, ice flows and glaciers; oh, and giant rats. Michael’s journey captured the geographic splendour of the world and learnt a little of human kind and himself along the way. Directed by Bert Murphy, featuring stunning footage, tales from around the world and insight into the high’s and low’s from a record breaking and award winning voyage.