Watching films should be rewarding

More than a loyalty program

That's because we are rewarding way more than your 'loyalty' (buying movie tickets from us). We're rewarding everything you do for our films, our filmmakers and for us. We’re giving you Screencreds.

The next time you reach out to your network, encourage family, friends and co-workers to buy a ticket to a film night you are going the next time you send out a trailer, or a clip or forward on a review for a film you’re interested in, we will say thank you by giving you Screencreds.

The program we are building will know when you are logged into our system – it only works if you are logged in and even when you are logged in we won’t be able to see who you send things to. But if you send someone a link or a trailer or an email to encourage them to buy a ticket, and they do we will give you another thank you - with more Screencreds.

This program is in development and we will let you know when you are able to redeem your Screencreds for tickets - but in the meantime - enjoy your free 50% discount voucher!

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