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What are Screencreds?

In the film industry, the most valuable currency you have are your screen credits or "screencreds". This is when your name is on the five-minute credit roll at the end of every movie (or the beginning if you’re really important). The Internet Movie Data Base (IMDB) tracks screen credits for every actor, director, producer, "gaffer" and "best boy" in the world.

They’re how you establish and prove your "worth" in the film industry. Now, we’re giving you the chance to earn your own Screencreds through our loyalty program. The more highly prized your Screencreds become, the more worth they will hold.

Way more than a regular loyalty program!

That's because we’re rewarding way more than your "loyalty" (aka buying stuff from us). Of course, we’ll give you Screencreds when you buy film tickets from us.

That's our core business. But we’ll also reward you with Screencreds when you reach out to your friends, family and work colleagues and encourage them to buy a ticket to a film night; send out a trailer or a clip; and when you forward a review to people who should know about upcoming films.

And that’s only the beginning. More opportunities to Screencreds will be announced in the coming weeks and months!

Here's another thing that really sets Screencreds apart from other loyalty programs.

Screencreds are a cryptotoken! They exist on the NEM blockchain.

(You can see a running total of how many you have in your account.)

What can you do with Screencreds?

You will be able to trade your Screencreds for such rewards as discount movie tickets or in time, even trade them on an exchange. Screencred cryptotokens are owned and managed by Demand Film Europe Ltd, which is registered in Malta and subject to Maltese cryptocurrency and blockchain laws and regulations.

Malta is one of the first countries in the world to have cryptocurrency legislation, which is why we chose to put our European headquarters there. And we’re working right now to be one of the first companies in the world to have a government certified token administered by the Malta Digital Innovation Authority.

(Coming Very Soon)

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We have unique code on our platform that follows activities like making a comment or sending a link, so we can reward you.

We do, of course, take your privacy incredibly seriously and also that of your network. So, just to be clear, we don't know who you are sending anything to. We only see the resulting action: if that person buys a ticket or reaches out to us to host a screening themselves or signs up in our community. Here's a link to our country-specific privacy policy that lays it out in more detail.

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