Birth Time: the documentary

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Date: Wed, Apr 14, 2021 7:30PM

Where: The Roxy Cinema - Wellington
5 Park Rd, Miramar, Wellington, Wellington, 6022, New Zealand

Please join us for a special, one off screening of a powerful documentary. 'BIRTH TIME: the documentary' explores the trauma that is inflicted on women as they go through an experience which should be amongst the most joyous of their lives, and through the insights of experts, evidence AND women's stories, looks at how we can do so much better for women, their babies and their families. We emerge with a picture of hope and love, showing the real possibility that women in the developed world CAN emerge from their births feeling physically well, and emotionally safe. Doors open at 7.30 so come and join us in the Grand Lobby of The Roxy Cinema. Screening will start at 8:15pm. You are invited to stay for a short time afterwards to reflect and discuss. We look forward to seeing you! Midwifery students who are members of NZ College of Midwives, Wellington can complete a request to receive $10 discount on their ticket price for the Birth Time film which is showing on Wed 14th April 2021 at Roxy Cinema, Miramar, Wellington. There is a limited number of discounts available and they will be issued on a first-come-first-served basis and split evenly between the midwifery schools. To request your discount visit


  • General Admission: $22.00
  • Additional booking fee of $2.00 per ticket.
  • (Includes all applicable taxes)
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Birth Time: the documentary

Year: 2020

Genre: Documentary - Health & Wellbeing

Classification: M

Writer: Jo Hunter, Jerusha Sutton, Zoe Naylor

Producer: Zoe Naylor, Jo Hunter, Jerusha Sutton

Director: Jerusha Sutton, Zoe Naylor, Jo Hunter

Three women embark on a mission to find out why an increasing number of women are emerging from their births physically and emotionally traumatised. Their discoveries expose the truth and lead them to join the birth revolution and forge a movement that hopes to change the face of maternity care in Australia and across the developed world. Improving women’s experience of birth helps them set up a stronger bond with their babies, decreases their risk of postnatal depression and encourages them to trust their maternal instincts when it comes to mothering their children. Care, connection, respect and trust begin with the mother baby bond.