Soldiers Without Guns

Brisbane Bougainville Community Group presents Soldiers Without Guns

Promoted By Brisbane Bougainville Community Group Inc

Date: Wed, May 29, 2019 6:30PM

Where: Event Cinemas Chermside
Westfield Shopping Centre, Chermside, Queensland, 4032, Australia

There will be a live performance following this screening


  • General Admission: $22.00
  • Additional booking fee of $1.95 per ticket.
  • (Includes all applicable taxes)
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Soldiers Without Guns

Year: 2019

Genre: Documentary - Human Rights

Classification: M

Producer: John Keir, Lisa Walker and Will Watson

Director: WIll Watson

The riveting journey of ANZAC soldiers as they land unarmed into the heat of a 10 year civil war using only the weapons of Music, Maori Culture and Love to create peace. This radical idea of sending soldiers without guns was condemned by the media because they felt the soldiers would be massacred given the first 14 peace attempts had failed. This film shines a light on the untold story, of unsung heroes and their, “mission impossible.” A story all New Zealanders can be proud to call their own.