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Date: Tue, Nov 5, 2019 6:30PM

Where: Semaphore Odeon Star
65 Semaphore Rd, Semaphore, South Australia, 5019, Australia

SPECIAL GUESTS: Two very special guests are coming to Adelaide for this exclusive event. Alex Saunders from Nugget's News will have a fireside chat with producer/director Torsten Hoffmann after the screening and answer questions from the audience. Nugget's News is your one-stop shop for cryptocurrency information and education and Alex is a member of the board of Blockchain Australia.


  • General Admission: $18.00
  • Additional booking fee of $1.95 per ticket.
  • (Includes all applicable taxes)
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Year: 2019

Genre: Documentary - Special Interest

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Writer: Torsten Hoffmann

Producer: Torsten Hoffmann

Director: Torsten Hoffmann & Michael Watchulonis

Bitcoin has been called one of the most disruptive technologies of our times, threatening banks by building an alternative and decentralized currency system. Its “blockchain” could provide a blueprint for a better Internet - challenging the dominating technology giants. Despite this potential, Bitcoin is undergoing severe price volatility and the community is facing a bitter internal ‘civil war’. Moreover, much of the media coverage is often misinformed or misleading and the general public is still confused about the technology and its larger implications. Can this technology, designed to operate independent of trust and within a decentralized network, really provide a robust alternative? Can it and the people behind it be trusted to secure elections, prevent financial meltdowns and keep our private information safe? Or are cryptocurrencies just as unfairly distributed, easily manipulated and dangerous as our current systems? Join award-winning filmmaker Torsten Hoffmann four years after his first Bitcoin documentary on his journey to find the answers to these important questions that may redefine the future of the Internet (web3.0). He meets with the big brains and big egos of this new industry. Some of the hackers, hipsters and hustlers that Torsten met 5 years ago have broken their promises; can we trust them to build a trustless new cyber utopia?